A Celebration of sorts at The Merrywell, Burswood

Two years ago after a trip to Bali I came home to be told my Breastscan was “suspicious” and I needed more tests. Unfortunately suspicion turned into reality and I needed to go through two lots of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, but it was worth it as they were sure it was all gone. Fast forward to January this year and I just returned from Bali to find the same results waiting for me. I know “don’t go to Bali again”. So my husband and I went to the hospital for a biopsy and this time it was good news. So what else could we do but celebrate.
We were close to Burswood so decided we would try The Merrywell as we hadn’t been there before. The decor was warm with orange tones and wood everywhere, maybe a little retro. As it was mid-week it was quite easy to get a table. The waiter immediately brought out a carafe of water and explained that we needed to go to the bar to order our drinks and the to the food counter near the door of the restaurant to order our food. This is something I’m not usually keen on, I prefer to be waited on when I go out for a meal but I understand that this is a Pub after all. Claude went and bought me a glass of Canella Prosecco ($13), well it was the perfect excuse for some bubbles, and a Little Creatures Pale Ale ($11) for himself. Then we checked out the extensive menu, so much to choose from. If you are partial to, well anything, deep fried, you will be very satisfied. The menu is very much Dude Food. After some consideration I went for the Moroccan Lamb Burger and Claude chose the Memphis BBQ Burger. It didn’t take long for the meals to come out and when they did they were quite impressive. I could hardly wait to take photos, I just wanted to get stuck in.
My Moroccan Lamb Burger  ($27) had feta, cucumber, lettuce tomato, onion and a fantastic Harissa aioli and was served with a cute basket of chips. It was so tasty, the bun was soft and this made it a little hard to eat as the bottom of the roll became soggy and started to fall apart. I still managed to eat it, albeit in a very messy manner, but it really was to good to leave any. The chips were crisp and delicious.
Moroccan Lamb Burger
Claude’s Memphis BBQ Angus Burger looked inviting with the shine on the brioche  roll. The roll held a burger patty and pulled pork with coleslaw and cheddar also with chips on the side.
The pulled pork was a little disappointing as it was quite mushy but the overall taste of the burger was really good.
Memphis BBQ Angus Burger
The Merrywell offers a large choice and although I think it is probably a little expensive for a pub burger, the food was really quite good and we enjoyed our celebration. I’m sure we will return to try some of the sampler dishes like the Mac & Cheese Balls and Fish Tacos.

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