Chocolateria San Churro, Success

After having our main meal at The Lone Star Rib House in Success, we thought we would try Chocolateria San Churro, a few shops down, for dessert. As it was fairly empty we thought the wait wouldn’t be to long so placed our order for, “Churros for Two” ($14.95) with milk chocolate and caramel sauce, at the counter and sat down. 
We were surrounded by undertrained staff that had absolutely no idea what they were doing. One waitress wandered around asking everyone if the order she was carrying was theirs. The tables are numbered, how hard is it? The plate of “Churros for Two”, with different sauces to what we ordered, wandered around for quite awhile until making it’s way back to the counter only to reappear, cold with our sauces. We complained that they were cold and they were quickly taken away and we got our order. We have definitely had better Churros nearby at “The Quarie Bar and Bistro”, at a cheaper price. This place has “Churros” in its name but serves up bland, doughy, Churros with cold dipping sauces, the caramel sauce had actually congealed. 
Very disappointing, we won’t be returning any time soon.

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