Dancin Wok

Dancin Wok opened in Harvest Lakes, Atwell about 6 months ago and it has been a welcomed addition to the area as there were very few restaurants of this type. Dancin Wok is largely takeaway but does have seating for dining in. The cooking area is visible from where you order and it is very clean and well organised.
We often drop in after grocery shopping to pick up a quick lunch and last week we did just that ordering a Satay Beef with egg noodles ($11.90) and a Combination Fried Rice ($10.90) and of course we had to have prawn crackers. Although the containers look small they hold a lot and this is usually enough for Claude and I to have lunch and then some left over.

On this occasion the rice was a little overcooked but still had a great taste with a good mix of shrimp, chicken, vegetables and roast pork. The satay is really delicious although this time it was lacking a bit of sauce and beef. So a little disappointing this time but I hope it was just a one off. I think for a reasonably priced, quick meal that is tasty and filling, it’s worth giving Dancin Wok a try.

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