The Dome Cafe, Cockburn

After having an early dinner out we decided on the way home to stop in to the Dome in Cockburn Central for dessert and coffee. The restaurant was remarkably empty for a Friday night. We found a booth and made our choice of dessert then I placed the order at the counter where the waitstaff were quite pleasant.

Claude had ordered the Lemon Lime Tart and I chose the waffles, topped with bananas and maple syrup from the Summer Classics menu. We also ordered a large cappuccino each. It wasn’t a long wait before Claude’s tart arrived. Then we waited around another 10 mins and my waffles came out. It took another 10 mins before we received our coffees. How hard is it to bring out two desserts at the same time? Particularly as the restaurant was almost empty, I think that is poor service.

However the desserts were really delicious. Claude enjoyed his dessert, of course I had to have a try, it was good but I think my waffles were better. So fluffy and the combination of maple syrup and bananas were fantastic. So, the service wasn’t great but the food was surprisingly good.

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