Fritler Friday

Do you have a traditional meal at Easter? Growing up my family didn’t, but when I married into an Italian family that changed. My mother-in-law was from Molfetta and my father-in-law grew up in Sicily. Every Good Friday we would all arrive at my in-laws for lunch. My sisters-in-law would help Mum to roll and fill at least 7kgs of dough to make what we called fritlers. I’ve been told they are also called frittelli and panzerotti, in Molfetta, but to my family it will always be Fritler Friday.

My family all wearing their aprons we bought in Italy.

My darling mother-in-law can’t do the cooking anymore and as my daughters are grown and and I’m a proud Nanny to seven grandchildren we decided that we wanted to carry on the tradition. This year we had a beautiful Good Friday trying to recreate these tasty bites.

Busy at work, don’t look at the drinks in the corner.
I was in charge of frying.

Fritlers are like tiny calzones but fried. Mmm health, lucky it’s only once a year. We use three different fillings, tuna, onion and tomato, cheese and parsley and egg and parsley. They all taste wonderful but tuna is my favourite. Each time we make them there is a discussion on the thickness of the dough and how much filling we need to put in. This year my father-in-law joined us and checked the quality of our work. Personally I think we nailed it, except maybe the egg ones, we’ll keep working on those.

My youngest daughter with her Nonno.

I don’t think anything can be as rewarding than the family cooking together and then sitting down to enjoy our work and of course the competition of “who ate the most fritlers?”

Time to eat!

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