Lone Star Rib House, Success

As the choice of restaurants in the area of Success was quite limited we were excited with the opening of Cockburn Gateway’s new alfresco dining area. We decided to try out a couple of the restaurants with the first choice being the Lone Star Rib House. 

The decor is very clichè with the huge barrel of peanuts, ready to be shelled and the staff wearing check shirts, all that was missing was a chorus of “yee haw”. To the side was an impressive bar however as they still don’t have their liquor license it was lemon, lime and bitters for us tonight. We arrived without a reservation and were shown a to a table but we had to be out by 7.30 which was fine by us. Unbeknown to us, our daughter tried to book for that night and was told it was fully booked so maybe our timing was just right. The service was good with our orders being taken promptly but there was a lot of staff wandering aimlessly around so obviously it will take a bit of time for everyone to find their feet. 

I decided to just go for a burger, the J.R. Ewing ‘Dallas’ T.V. burger ($15.95), with beef patty, bacon, sautéed onions, lettuce, tomato, cheese, BBQ sauce, mayo and the most amazing pickled relish. I have to say this is probably the best burger I have had for a long time. The roll was soft and light which means it was easy to squash it and hold in the fillings. I hate when you can’t get your mouth around a burger and you end up dissecting it and eating it with a knife and fork, basically defeating the point of the roll. 
Being a rib house Claude thought it was his duty to try them out and ordered the Real Beef ‘Beef’ Ribs ($34.95). The ribs came with a serving of chips and coleslaw. Well, when they arrived it was quite mediocre. For the price, there was a definite lack of ribs. when compared with a restaurant across the road, The Gate Bar and Bistro, which sell a full rack for $27, it was disappointing. Considering this is a “Rib House” the quantity and quality just wasn’t there. The taste was just ok, but there was no sticky goodness. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my burger so we’d probably give it another chance but as there are plenty of other things to choose from on the menu, maybe we’ll give the ribs a miss next time. 

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