Nasi Lemak Korner, Como

Claude and I were so glad to find Nasi Lemak Korner open for lunch on Easter Monday. Having seen lots of pictures on Instagram, we were really looking forward to trying authentic Malaysian Street Food. Last year we went on cruise with stops at Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur and Penang, so that is the only time we have tried Malaysian food.


The ambience of the restaurant was lovely with a combination of traditional and modern decor. Although when we arrived, just after 12 it was not full, a lot of tables were reserved. We were shown to a table however it only had stools and as both of us hate sitting on stools, our old bones like backs on our chairs, we asked if we could have a different table. I was impressed that that even though most tables were reserved they managed to find us a lovely table at the front of the restaurant. It didn’t take long for the restaurant to start filling up and by the time we left it was full. 



We ordered sparkling water and for entree decided to share vegetable spring rolls and beef satay. The spring rolls looked a little anaemic but they were very crispy and delish. I loved the satay sauce, I could have just drank it out of the bowl, but the beef was slightly overcooked resulting in it being a little dry. Not bad, just disappointing.

Vegetable Spring Rolls Satay Satay and Spring Rolls

I was excited as although normally they only do Roti on the week end, as this was a public holiday, I was able to order Murtabak Daging, a Malaysian Roti with a filling of curried beef. It was a bit of a let down as although as the Roti was light and beautifully cooked the beef had very little taste, there was certainly no curry hit. The curry sauce that accompanied it was extremely flavourful, so when dipped in, the Roti was yum.


My Nasi Lemak with Rendang Curry was amazing. I couldn’t really taste the coconut in the rice but the curry was spicy with just the right amount of heat. The sambal was also exceptional.

Beef Rendang

Claude really enjoyed his Nasi Goreng with perfectly cooked prawns and tender squid. The egg on top had a silky runny yolk, perfect.

Nasi Goreng2

Over all the service was polite and friendly, the prices reasonable and I think the food is probably the closest you will get to Malaysian food in Perth. We will certainly be going back.

Outside Wall

Nasi Lemak Korner Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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South Beach B & B, South Fremantle

I have to admit, I love Fremantle, and would gladly move there if I could, so recently, as we had a lot of reasons to venture there, I couldn’t have been happier. We had a party to attend in Fremantle so thought instead of catching a taxi there and back we’d stay at a little B & B on South Terrace. Situated on the corner of Scott Street, the South Beach B & B is in an excellent location and definitely represents value for money. There is also free parking in Scott Street.

Exterior of South Beach B & B

South Beach B & B

I didn’t get a picture of the front, but this one is from where you can get more information and it’s the site we booked on.

Hall Stand

Welcoming hallstand with Port and Chocolates

From the moment you entered you could tell they had an eye for detail. The beautifully lit hall stand with a decanter of Port and a crystal bowl of chocolates, which I dipped into later in the night, was so welcoming and homely.


Our Room

Our room was charming and everything you could need had been thought of. The bed was comfortable, with a gorgeous fireplace and the room was very clean, what more could you ask for, well maybe the ensuite could have been a little larger. It did make for a bit of a comedy routine as we both tried to get ready in this tiny room.


The hosts Pete and Sally were away for the weekend so Pete’s sister, unfortunately I didn’t get her name, did an excellent job of stepping in for them.

Breakfast room

Lounge Area

We had breakfast in the lovely enclosed breakfast area, as it was much too windy to sit outside. The breakfast was simple, cereal, juice, coffee and fresh bread, which was still warm,  but it looked so lovely.


Breakfast Room

I loved the room and our host and would recommend this B & B to anyone wishing to stay in the area.

There will be more from Fremantle over the next few posts.


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George Street Quarters, East Fremantle

Last Sunday was such a beautiful day we decided to go out for breakfast. We headed to George Street in East Fremantle. I had heard a lot about the cafe scene in this area but as yet haven’t had the chance to check it out. We chose George Street Quarters and managed to get a parking spot pretty much out the front, you’ve gotta love that. George Street Quarters is a combination of an inviting cafe with a providore store adjoining it. The Merchants stock an amazing range of gourmet products, some of which I haven’t seen in other stores. They also sell sandwiches, filled ciabatta, baguettes and wraps to take away.  There is also a very tempting display of cakes.

As there were no tables left outside we chose a window table so we could still sit and watch the world go by. We’d grabbed some menus from the counter and were deciding what to order. As the staff were just walking past our table we decided to check with one of them to make sure there was table service. He assured us there was and he would be back to take our order. Considering how few people they were serving it did take a bit long for him to return and for us to get our breakfast. However all the staff were very pleasant but perhaps a little slow.


I ordered the Eggs Benedict which I thought would be different as it was served on a potato cake instead of bread. When it came out it looked impressive, the eggs sitting atop the crispy potato cake drizzled with the hollandaise. My disappointment came when I cut into the eggs, they were pretty much hard boiled. The white was extremely rubbery and the yolk cooked right through. The sauce was tasty with a delectable tang but there could definitely been more of it. My favourite part was the potato cake so soft on the inside but with a beautiful crunch. The bacon was also cooked perfectly, such a shame about the eggs.

Eggs Benedict

Claude ordered the Big Breakfast and it was quite a decent serve. He hit the jackpot with his eggs, when his knife cut into them the runny yolk nearly made me cry with envy. He thought all of his dish was tasty and liked that the tomatoes and mushrooms tasted grilled, not stewed as some he has had. I tried the Boston baked beans and they really weren’t to my taste, but Claude liked them.


I think overall the food and service was ok, just a little disappointing. I did like the atmosphere and that the parking was so easy, so we will probably come back again to try the dinner menu or maybe try Young George across the street, that looks tempting too, hmm so many decisions.

George Street Quarters Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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