Rabbit in the Moon Cafe, North Fremantle

On a beautiful sunny Sunday morning we stumbled across a cute little cafe, tucked away in the streets of North Fremantle. Rabbit in the Moon Cafe is surrounded by apartments with a stunning view of the Swan River and is open for breakfast, lunch and coffee.

The decor of the cafe is so sweet, the shelving behind the counter holding an eclectic mixture of items. I particularly loved the row of whisks used as down lights across the counter. Fresh flowers on every table was also a lovely touch. The only problem was it was quite a windy day and with two lots of doors open it was hard to find a table protected from the wind.

We ordered at the counter and sat down to wait for our breakfast to arrive, the view kept us busy but it didn’t take long and our coffees were bought to the table. The cappuccinos certainly looked pretty and tasted great too. Our food arrived soon after. You could say we’re a little predictable, there aren’t too many places I have gone and not ordered the Eggs Benedict and Claude, the Big Breakfast. I do look at the menus and am tempted by other interesting items but I always seem to go back to the Eggs Benedict. Probably because I wouldn’t go to the trouble of making Hollandaise sauce at home.

Claude’s Big Breakfast was just that, although possibly it could have had a little more bacon. The mushroom was a bit of disappointment as it was quite watery. The thick slices of sourdough toast were exceptionally good and the eggs cooked perfectly.

My Eggs Benedict was very good, however the muffin underneath seemed a little stale. The eggs were again perfectly cooked and as one slid off the pile of spinach it broke open and a beautiful golden stream of yolk ran down the side of the roll. On first taste I thought the Hollandaise was a little sharp but the more you combined it with the other components the better it became.

We were both very happy with our meals and the price was quite reasonable. The service was also excellent and friendly. We were greeted with a smile as soon as we walked in and the table service was quite quick. When you’ve finished you can also go for a walk along the river to work off the breakfast, so I didn’t feel quite so guilty.

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