Rustico Tapas and Bar, Rockingham

The Rustico Tapas and Bar had been recommended to us by quite a few people and the consensus was, fantastic food but the prices are a little high. Also it is usually pretty crowded, so making a reservation would be a great idea. We decided to go with an open mind and check it out, as we were in Rockingham anyway.


We arrived just after two on a Friday afternoon and there were plenty of tables. We were shown to a lovely table near the window. The waitress was quick to bring out menus, however she didn’t tell us about the specials. We decided to start with bread $7 with oil and apple balsamic $3. This came out quickly, following our drinks. The bread was lovely and soft with a crispy crust, with which we managed to make a mess of the table, as the crumbs flew off in all directions. I really loved the taste of the olive oil and the apple flavour was quite distinctive in the balsamic.
Our second choice was Patatas Bravas with romesco and aioli sauces $11. The potatoes were beautifully crisp with a soft, fluffy interior. The aioli was mild but tasty, the romesco so flavourful but when combining the two, magnificent. This dish is also quite filling.
We moved on to seafood next with Squid and Clam Andalusia $25 which consisted of pan seared squid, chorizo, clams and bravas in smokey paprika romesco with tempura tentacles. Once again the romesco sauce was wonderful however I think there could have been more squid for the price. The clams had been steamed probably just a little to long and were dry.

Squid.jpgThe Petite Mignons $24, beef fillet wrapped in bacon and puréed sweet potato topped with green peppercorn sauce and asparagus, could not be faulted. Every element  in this dish was perfect.

Petite Mignon

A different waitress asked if we would like dessert and she explained they had a dessert tasting plate for $16. It was a hard choice, as we really do love our churros, but decided to share the tasting plate. Great choice. The platter just looked exquisite when it came out, I have to admit to being a little excited. The selection included blackcurrant panna cotta, this was beautifully creamy and the taste, lovely. A vanilla profiterole was also very nice but nothing really special. A liquor glass held the chocolate pot with pedro. This had an interesting and slightly bitter taste which helped to cut through the sweetness of the other components, the fresh berries were also a lovely touch.  My favourite had to be the white chocolate raspberry tart. The pastry buttery and short, the filling sweet and sharp, perfect.

Dessert.jpgI have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to Rustico Tapas and Bar. Yes it is a little expensive so maybe should be saved for special occasions, but when you take into account the quality produce and the intricately plated dishes I can understand the prices. I’ll definitely be returning.
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