The Coffee Club, Success

I really love going out for breakfast on the weekend so last Sunday we ventured back to Cockburn Gateways to the newly opened “The Coffee Club”. It was around 10 when we arrived and it was almost full, with just a couple of tables available. We grabbed a table and checked out the menu.

As The Coffee Club is a chain, the menu is the same in all the stores but it has a good variety and having all day breakfast is a winner for me. We ordered at the counter and thought it would be a long wait as it was so full but we were pleasantly surprised when our juices came straight out with our meals not long after.

Claude went for the big breakfast and it lived up to it’s name. There was a piece of steak, which was probably a little tough but still tasty, chipolatas which looked a little anaemic but again Claude said they tasted good. He was particularly happy with the blistered cherry tomatoes and button mushrooms which were nicely cooked instead of tasting boiled like a lot of the restaurants seem to serve up. The fried egg was slighty overcooked so there was no runny yolk to sop up with the yummy ciabatta bread.

I had been craving poached eggs and hollandaise sauce for awhile so went for the Famous Eggs Benedict with Leg Ham. I certainly wasn’t disappointed, the eggs were cooked perfectly with a beautiful runny yolk and the ham was thinly sliced. The hollandaise was creamy with a delicate flavour.

I think “The Coffee Club” will be a regular for breakfast, especially when I don’t want to travel too far from home.
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