The Gate Bar and Bistro, Success

My husband, Claude, and I have eaten at The Gate Bar and Bistro on quite a few occasions and have found it to be hit and miss. We thought we would give it another try, with a disappointing result. As it was a beautiful day we decided to eat in the Garden Bar. When we arrived it was packed and had to wait for awhile to get a table.
I decided to have Beer Battered Emperor Fillet ($23) with a side garden salad, side of fries & house tartare. Claude’s had the ribs there before and really enjoyed them so he thought he would go for the Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Marinated Pork Ribs with a side garden salad & side of fries. He couldn’t remember whether the last time he’d had the 1/2 rack ($21) or full rack ($27). Never being one to shy away from a challenge he went with the full rack.
Beer Battered Emperor Fillet
Both plates looked appealing when they came out but then I saw one of my bugbears. Please, don’t put steaming hot food on top of chips, they go soggy. The batter looked golden and crispy but the fish was over cooked and the batter underneath quite mushy. The tartare sauce tasted ok but was very thin. The bowl of salad presented a challenge to eat as it spilled all over the table when you attempted to get it on your fork and the salad at bottom of the bowl was swimming with dressing. So in all, a very mediocre meal.
Beer Battered Emperor Fillet
My husband wasn’t quite as disappointed with his. When it came out it was enormous, but he managed to make his way through it.  The first half of the rack was as he remembered, tender and succulent. The sauce glorious with its sticky, bourbon tastiness.  However the second half was dry and tough. He wasn’t happy with his salad and thought the chips were soggy too. 
Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Marinated Pork Ribs 

As far as pub food goes, far from the worse I’ve had but I’ve certainly had better. Will we give it another try? Probably.

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